Prevention is the best cure – whether you’re worried about the signs of aging, sore joints, memory problems, or you just want the health and energy to enjoy every day. Taking these steps can help prevent disease, illness or help keep your body resilient.

Know yourself

You know your own strengths and weaknesses, so arm yourself against the illnesses you may be prone to, or that run in your family. Any disease will take its toll on your body, even if it’s only a cold or flu, and that means misery, discomfort and wasted down time from your regular life and activity.

Of course, a good diet and regular exercise are your first and most important preventative actions to maintain your health and ward off disease. You don’t need to go overboard with strict diets and rigorous cardio – just avoid alcohol, sugar and processed foods, and eat a wide variety of fresh whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, to ensure you’re giving your body the macronutrients it needs. Walking is an easy, low-impact way to build exercise into your everyday life.

Less stress

You might identify any harmful stress in your life and take steps to reduce its impact on your well-being. Get plenty of sleep and keep yourself hydrated – with water, not coffee. A healthy, stress-free lifestyle gives you a good chance of staying well, slowing down the aging process, finding the energy to enjoy each day, and being fit and active for longer.

Natural health

With the right natural health alternatives, you may help your own unique body ward off disease, and strengthen areas and processes that may be underperforming. You might be worried about cancer, joint problems, or good brain function, or you may find you’re simply running out of steam sooner than you’d like.

With the right vitamins and minerals boosting your immune system and your body’s functions, you may help reduce the onset of these problems, and feel healthy and full of energy every day.

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