Micron Particle Vitamin C – Improved Formula

New Zealand Longevity Foundation continually reviews formulas, ensuring a high standard of nutritional products our customers can trust.

The most recent review has been focused on enhancing the quality of the formula of our Vitamin C Micron-Particle Delivery System.

The original product was introduced in October 2008. In the interim, there have been a number of revisions.

Our most recent formula is now SOY FREE and includes natural Phosphatidylcholine Emulsifier, resulting in the change of colour and taste.

Also we are very aware of the need to keep New Zealand clear of plastic. We have been searching for alternative ways of packaging for some time and are now supplying our Vitamin C in a cardboard packaging.

We have also decided to pack our Vitamin C Micron-Particle Delivery System bulk order 6 and 12 boxes loosely in box, this is to aid in a reduction of price from our family to yours.




Thank you for all your business and support!


Judy West