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The New Zealand Longevity Foundation, came into existence in the Summer of 1981, through the dedicated efforts of a small group of local citizens.

In their pursuit of improved quality of a longer and healthier life term they joined in the creation of the Foundation, modelled on similar Foundations established in Florida and California in the USA.

To a large extent they were inspired by the work of Pearson & Shaw in their landmark book; Life Extension, A Practical Scientific Approach; first published in 1979, still a major source of reference in our library. This monumental tome of more than 800 pages combined all the scientific knowledge of the subject at that time in one comprehensive overview! Since then a veritable landslide of publications has seen the light of day. Keeping up with the sheer volume of relevant scientific publications on a daily basis is a full time job of several of specialist Foundation members and contributors.

Today, the gathering and dissemination of information relating to the latest developments and discoveries in the field of orthomolecular Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Nutrition and the resurrection of Herbal knowledge, as applied to the prevention, amelioration and possible cure of the degenerative diseases, that are part of the ageing process, continues to be the major focus of the Foundation.

From the outset it became obvious that in order to be able to suit the action to the word it would be necessary to take a proactive part in the sourcing and securing of the highest quality nutrients and pharmaceuticals required for the benefit of our members. By taking a position in the importing and manufacturing of these “Nutriceuticals” our members have benefited from a much reduced pricing structure in comparison with retail and pyramid networking organisations.

The Foundation has an ongoing commitment to utilise maximum New Zealand input and content in every sphere, ranging from raw material to the manufacture and distribution of product. The increased scope of operations has strained the capital and manpower resources of the Foundation; hitherto provided free by a small number of charitable members.

After obtaining professional advice, it was agreed to go forward and establish a much larger structure in order to take full advantage of economy of scale. Additional funding is now provided by the issue of 600,000 new shares of 50 cents each of which all but 20% have been taken up fully paid. Shortly, a concerted effort will be expended to substantially increase membership numbers.

The annual subscription will be held to a low $25.00. The resultant benefits will be mutual and twofold. Firstly the members will furnish the Foundation with a significant database from which members will profit by way of lower prices, higher quality and better service! Secondly, a larger Foundation, working co-operatively with its membership will greatly enhance its profile, both commercially and politically. The Foundation will invite qualified professionals to incorporate an advisory panel of specialist consultants, for the benefit of its members!