Here’s what some of our happy customers have to say

  • Caroline Kraayvanger

    I’ve always been a big believer in supplements and have been using them for years. My search for quality supplements led me to Bruno at The New Zealand Longevity Foundation, who I met back in 2002. Bruno’s father was a pharmacist in Holland and his uncle started the first natural supplements in Holland – giving him a strong pharmaceutical background, combined with his extensive knowledge in biochemistry. I found that to be a good testament to both himself and his products. I don’t visit the chemist at all – I have total faith in Bruno and his products in terms of his research and experience, and have been gaining as much knowledge from him as I can. I use a vast amount of vitamin C, EPA fish oil and magnesium for general upkeep. I’m a huge believer in prevention rather cure, and would absolutely recommend NZLF products to anyone.

  • Edith Ells

    Bruno has an amazing ability to research and keep up with modern medicine! He has been a friend of mine for 30 years. My daily regime for the past 15 years consists of vitamin C, potassium Triodite, vitamins and minerals. This is recommended as a maintenance program. I am 63, fit and healthy and have never been on any other medication – long may it last!!

    I can certainly recommend all the wonderful supplements that the NZ Longevity Foundation offers!

  • Mike Webster

    I always do my research before buying supplements. I look at the formula and try and check the quality and source – which is how I discovered NZLF. I have been a customer for many years now. I buy a bunch of different products, gingko biloba, magnesium with K2, digestible enzymes, Cq10, curcumin, prostate formula, a vitamin pack, dim omega 3 and flaxseed oil. The prostate formula has been really beneficial and the gingko works well. The service at NZLF is friendly and reliable, and I highly recommend their products on price and quality.

  • Amiee Davis – Chiropractor

    I take Vitamin C lithospheric and Viraban for general health and wellbeing. The Vitamin C I take on a regular, ongoing basis, the Viraban for immunity before winter. I have tried purchasing these products elsewhere but prefer NZLF products. I think it’s important to trust the source and the people behind making them, and I know the people at NZLF and know they only use excellent quality products. I find they are excellent products and highly recommend them to other people, which I do often.

  • Carol Scott

    I heard about NZLF through my daughter who was training as a beauty therapist. I suffer from osteoarthritis and was looking for some good quality products. I take omega 3, glucosamine and magnesium – the results have been very good. The service is fast and reliable – Caina always gets my products on the next courier, which is excellent. I certainly recommend their products, and have already done so.