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Dear member; client; friend and any other interested party,

You are invited to read an important article about the latest study findings and commendations of the amazing, recently revealed health benefit of a remarkable amino acid. Here we conveniently list the many reasons for embracing “Taurine” as a supplement that is reputed to maintain both heart health and makes you smarter by addressing the loss of mental acuity in the aging brain. We have collated a nine page article from Life Extension Magazine September issue. A copy is available to any purchaser of our Taurine supplement.

At present we are stocking 100, 500 & 1000 grams powder jars/bags of pure Taurine; also available in our usual 60 & 120 x 730mg vegetable capsules bottles.

Furthermore the Taurine article will be available in full or as a shorter synoptic version on our website: www.nzlf.org.

We urge you to take advantage of this supplement now, the more to enjoy the Easter Holiday season!

In January, I celebrated my eighty-fifth’s birthday. One of the strategies adopted to achieve this lofty outcome of my longevity pursuit is the recent, renewed discovery of the amino acid “Taurine”. So far so good, as I am about to complete my half year on Taurine. As you may know, in this civilisation of ours, I am not allowed to make any health claims for any substance or modality. I am merely describing my own condition!

Also I draw your attention to the excellent article on this subject, by the U.S. Life Extension Foundation, in the September 2015 edition of their Magazine. This nine page document is available online at www.lef.org; home page; archives “Magazine”; Grow New Brain Cells September 2015. You can download it in print.

If you prefer, you can just email us at sales@nzlf.org or phone Auckland 444 9514 or 027 725 5479, either way you can order your Taurine and the article.

Apart from growing brain cells explained, it also lists the other benefits of taking 1 to 2 or 3 Taurine capsules daily!

According to Life Extension Magazine, issue of September 2015, it benefits most brain conditions including Parkinson’s by restocking Taurine, depleted after levodopa therapy!

Furthermore Taurine helps to overcome depression in diabetics. Indeed, they point out brain cell regeneration promoted by Taurine leads to seven (7) important benefits:

1. Slows ageing of cardio and central nervous systems
2. New growth and connections of brain cells
3. Since natural Taurine level decreases with aging; restabilising Taurine level is essential.
4. Taurine studies show deceleration of this amino acid commensurate with aging
5. Hypothetically humans should benefit from the same cognitive and memory enhancement shown in aging animals after supplementation with Taurine
6. Life Extension claims Taurine enables enhanced heart function and cardio-vascular circulation. Thus also helping to prevent occlusionary and flooding strokes!
7. Taurine supplementation should also benefit those with metabolic syndrome, reducing the negative impacts of this condition on our cardiovascular system.

Here is a link to that article on the Life Extension Foundation:

In this connection, we should remember that in the U.S. as in New Zealand, Heart Disease is and remains the leading cause of death in the adult population.

Conclusion: all human muscle benefits from Taurine supplementation; especially our hard working heart musculature.
It never stops, when it does, you die!! If we wish to keep our heart muscle alive and well we can ill afford our Taurine levels to drop to a dangerously low level.

Remember Taurine at a healthy, youthful level will solve this condition in the elderly and add many enjoyable years to their retirement. Keep the heart pumping with Taurine and Magnesium.

Be well,

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Comments (2)

  1. Sylvia December 5, 2016 at 7:22 pm Reply

    Dear Bruno smd team,y 34,yr old son in law has been diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis 6 months ago. He has a young family and is doing his best to eat healthily but is becoming very thin and weak. We are hoping to find some hope of healing for this fine young man and have searched extensively to no avail. Do you have any suggestions. I understand that as we age we have increased levels of AL Amyloid protein build up, however its unusual to see it in young people.

    His heart is being seriously affected as well as other organs and digestion. We look forward to yr reply. Kind regards, Sylvia.

    1. nzlfadmin December 20, 2016 at 10:50 pm Reply

      Dear Sylvia,

      yes, there is a viable alternative.
      Nevertheless, I need a lot more information.
      Just of the cuff, Oxygen starvation is a common cause for disturbed metabolism.
      I would have to see him for further discussion.

      kind regards


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