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The Virtues of Vitamin C

It is hard to overstate the numerous benefits Vitamin C bestows on us. Did you know that Vitamin C is so essential to life that without it we die a horrible death by Scurvy? Did you know that once upon a time, very long ago, our ancestors were manufacturing their own Vitamin C in their liver? Just like all other mammalian species, with the current exception of the guinea pig, the gorilla and us of course. It takes four Read More...

New Development in Delivery Systems for Vitamin C

Over the past 50 years various new delivery systems were refined for administering drugs, hormones and latterly nutritional supplements. Where possible, the preferred route would be oral (by mouth) administration. Another, diffusional pathway could be employed by “Pessary” or “suppository”. Subcutaneous deliveries could be made by creams, ointments and gels and even by oral spray/mist via endothelial tissue in the mouth. The latter providing a very short and effective pathway to the brain. Even though “Enteric” coating of tablets and capsules does Read More...