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Dear member; client; friend and any other interested party, You are invited to read an important article about the latest study findings and commendations of the amazing, recently revealed health benefit of a remarkable amino acid. Here we conveniently list the many reasons for embracing “Taurine” as a supplement that is reputed to maintain both heart health and makes you smarter by addressing the loss of mental acuity in the aging brain. We have collated a nine page article Read More...

An Ode to Iodine

Iodine (I2) is required for optimum health of the whole human body. It is difficult to believe that an essential trace element with astonishing impact on our state of health, has been both, neglected and underrated, by medical science, for so long. It is the only trace element, required for the synthesis and construction of a number of very important hormones. These are involved in embryogenesis, fetal cell differentiation, cognitive development, growth stimulation, metabolic processes and maintaining optimum body temperature Read More...