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Glucosamine HCL powder 100gr

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Product Description

New Zealand Longevity Foundation Glucosamine was extracted and refined from natural animal cartilage, but as demand rose dramatically in the 1980’s, substitution by the synthetic versions gradually replaced the natural sources. It is normally produced by the human body, but this ability declines with age and supplementing becomes a necessity for adequate maintenance of cartilage and collagen synthesis via the Proteoglycan and Glucosaminoglycan process. Glucosamine assists in cellular protein RNA and DNA Synthesis as well as Hyaluronic Acid, it assumes the viscosity factor in the fluid of our Synovial joints. It regulates a significant role in the hydration and nutrition of our largest organ, the skin. Directions and Dosage: Take preferably with meals in doses of 3-5 grams two or three times daily. (1 teaspoon = 4 grams) NB . you must take multi mineral and vitamins B & C in addition for maximum effects.. Consult your Health Practitioner


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