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March 2013 Huge Summer Sale

As we find ourselves at the beginning of a New Year, suddenly everything is a year older; including our products, even something manufactured and labelled in December 2012 is suddenly one year old at a glance.

Accordingly this is an opportunity for us to launch a super sale at half price 50% off for all members’ prices and your chance to stock up for the year on these items.

I realise that some lines may not be your regular choice but you may be pleasantly surprised when you try something new!

I personally have checked the quality of anything aged beyond two years.

Remember, I would not send you these if I would not be willing to take them myself, as with most things, some age better than others and bad, rapid aging shows up in the appearance quite clearly. These are therefore excluded!

Meanwhile best wishes with your choices!

Also you may return anything not to your liking, free of charge.

Finally, nothing on offer is older than 2010.

Member’s price was Now
Ginseng, Panax, 60 cap $28.35 $15
(Mood elevator & powerful antioxidant)

Ginger & Hawthorne, 60 cap $16.80 $8.50
(An ancient formulation, still very much in use today as a systemic anti inflammatory agent)

Potassium Chloride, 60 cap $20.63 $10
(Should be part of everyone’s table salt to balance your sodium intake)
you could sprinkle the content on your food.

Silicon, 80 cap $21.11 $5
(To maintain healthy bones and connective tissues and assist in generating new bone in case of breaks and cracks). We reduced Silicon by 75% because it actually dates back to 2009.)

Super Acetyl-L-Carnitine, 60 cap $22.31 $11
(Should be present in every one’s muscle tissue to maintain optimum response; very beneficial for everyone but especially athletic endeavour persons; a must for heart conditions.)

Super Carnosine, 60 cap $113.59 $50
90 cap $139.59 $60
(As for Carnitine but even more so for bulking your muscles, as well as helping to remove toxins resulting from muscle use! Highly regarded as a general agent of youth and rejuvenating your senses.)

Yohimbe, 60 cap $26.75 $12
(A favourite for anyone desirous of the maintenance and performance of the sex drive in both men and women.)

Vitamin Formula, 100cap $24.15 $12
All the B complex in one capsule of above average potency!

Above prices are available only while stock level permits.

Kind regards,

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